Card Mon

1960 - 2021

Budokan Kanji 3







Mount Fuji symbolises the quest for beauty and perfection.

The bell is the bell of mindfulness to encourage us to begin or end something and to bring us gently back to awareness.

The heart symbolises compassion and to train with a pure heart.


“Stay strong and keep climbing”








The heart represents compassion and encompasses the rest of the image.

The bell represents the duality in life and their coming together (in this case the transition between online training & restrictions to training in the dojo or even conscious reasoning vs emotion associated with that transition).

And the mountain represents both the centre (of the world) and a journey towards higher elevation or knowledge (eg the dojo is the mountain, being disciplined/dedicated to completing training is the journey and this leads to attaining greater understanding and skill, which is the goal or mountain top).


"Embrace changing times with compassion and the journey ahead

will strengthen and elevate you”.







The first element is Mount Fuji which symbolises endurance, immortality and longevity. It is the spiritual source of Shinto, Buddhist and Confucianism and for all Japanese it’s where the sun rises each day. It is the symbol of the birth place of Japanese Budo. The ever enduring source of our art, discipline and dedication.

The second element is the bell which symbolises the beginning or the end. Tsurigani (hanging bells) also symbolise the passing of time. For the zen practitioner it signals the start of meditation and the end.

For Budokan it symbolises the passing of time and the beginning of a new era in our history.

The third element is the heart form enclosing the bell. The form remind us that we should take heart at our resilience, to be passionate about our art and dedicated to practising the forms to achieve the best we can.


“Take heart when time delivers new beginnings”.

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