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1960 - 2021

Budokan Kanji 3


I started Judo and Jujitsu under my late father John Kruger 5th Dan Kodokwan Jujitsu and 2nd Judo IJF and Kancho Joe Grant Grierson 10th Dan Kodokwan Jujitsu and founder, Fr Jude McKenna 8th Dan Judo. And Hiromitsu Umino 2nd Dan Kodokan Judo and Toshinori Arao Sensei 5th Dan Aiki Jujitsu. I have been involved in Judo and Jujitsu for 35 years and spent seven years training in Osaka Japan while I worked there as a Christian missionary.

I work with over a hundread students mainly from the underprivileged youth and orphans in our community here in Kitwe, Zambia

main_dojo 7330_149652535269_4816904_n joe_license-1 The Kodokwan Judo club girls champions who travel

Kodokwan Judo & Jujitsu Club

On the banks of the Kafue River, Kitwe, Zambia


PO BOX 22293,




Jonathan Kruger,

[email protected]

logo Image4 2013-08-16 Fr Jude McKenna 7th Dan with John Kruger 6th Dan

Friar Jude McKenna 7th Dan with John Kruger 6th Dan

The Kodokwan Judo Club girls Champions  with Jonathan

club640x360 introducing my son Daniel to his first lesson (a w

The entire club

Introducing my son Daniel to his first lesson.

More to come....