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1960 - 2020


With 60 years of experience and technical excellence to draw on Budokan provide only Budokan Black Belt Rank and Title recognition and accreditation to teachers, instructors, dojo leaders and students across all disciplines as a single discipline or as a multi-discipline, on recommendation only.



1  Each Dojo leader,  Chief Instructor or Head of Organisation. recommends selected people for accreditation  and certification directly to Budokan.

These requests may be retrospective.

Get in touch with us via email using the Contact Form on this site.

2  We  confirm receipt of your communication and request any further information we may require  direct from the person making the recommendation.

3  We examine their credentials and all endosements in words, pictorial and/or video format.  

4  Once a decision has been made the recommender is informed directly.

5  If approved, an appropriate certificatie carrying the Henko (signature) of Richard Salmon, David Passmore, Derrick Wridgway and Peter Bush will be drawn up and sent by post to the recommender to pass on.

6  An agreed and appropriate fee will be required for all rank and title certification and accrecitation.



Recommendation is based on years of training, skill prowess, accomplishments, dedication and service, teaching and instruction and excellence in personal character.


Genera Rankl guide to the timeline of consecutive years of training.

Shodan   1st Dan   1-3 years

Nidan  2nd Dan  3-5 years

Sandan  3rd Dan    5-8 years

Yondan  4th Dan  8-12 years

Godan  5th Dan  12-18 years

Rokudan  6th Dan  18 – 25 years

Shichidan  7th Dan  25 – 32 years

Hachidan  8th Dan  32- 45 years


Recommendations from those for a person to be accredited, who is no longer active may also be considered in exceptional circumstances.



Dojo Officials

Sempai - a leading instructor

Shidoin - a leading head instructor

Shihan - a master instructor


The award of Titles is made using the ancient Shogoo system, as used by the Dai Nippon Butokukai of Kyoto in Japan, awarded to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of Budokan, shown leadership in teaching and the maintenance of a high level of Budo skills over decades of continuous service to Budokan.


Renshi - Polished Samurai Warrior

Kyoshi  -  Master Teacher Samurai Warrior

Hanshi - Exemplary Illustrious Warrior - Master of the Samurai Way


(For more detaiils please email us using the Contact Form on this site.)




Our Executive Team is made up of 3 people with a wealth of Japanese Budo experience in various countries over many, many years.

Derrick Wridgway and David Passmore trained, taught, travelled and competed together all over South Africa in the '60's.

Peter Bush came along in the 70's and distinguished himself in a similar manner.


We all share a common vision with the Founders of Budokan - Richard Salmon and Ray Ryan.


To set and maintain the standards set by them across everything that Budokan continues to do by the embodiment of their mantra Strong in Hand - Kind in Heart and the practice of The Virtues.


The 4th member of our team is our Assistant Publisher, Katy Bell Passmore who is responsible for all the technical aspects of this website.


We all believe that people involved in traditional Japanese Budo deserve to be given the opportunity to have access to some of the best teachers available across all disciplines.


Budokan operates a policy of inclusivity - we wish for your involvement in what we are doing.

Budokan respects the autonomy of all dojo and organisations and their teachers, instructors and dojo leaders.

Budokan only serves to associate itself and all that it has on offer with those who wish to be associated with it.


In addition to the 4 disciplies we currently practice and teach, we will add others by Association.

We seek to associate ourselves with teachers and instructors we consider to be brilliant at what they do and how they do it, to contribute technically excellent Japanese Budo content in words, pictures or video online wherever they may be in the world, in order to create an exclusive learning and teaching platform for the benefit of both teachers and students in our Members Area.



The use of the Budokan Mon - optional

Attendance at Events, Seminars and Workshops - Fees to be advised online

Teaching and philosophy.

Listing on the Black Belt Register

Dan Grade and Title Accreditation and Certification  -  see below.

Access to the Members Section of

Inclusion in the Dojo pages section on the Budokan website, with information, events, gradings and news content provided by you.

Registration and recognition of Dan Grades and Titles by Dai Nippon Butokukai in Kyoto, Japan -

by recommendation.  (There is a separate charge for this)



Associates  will be asked to contribute to our Budo Community and pay a small monthly subscription of GB£5 - EU€5  or US$5 - ongoing each consecutive year, or as long as they remain an Associate in good standing.


This can be done using Paypal direct to the Budokan account using our email address [email protected]

Kindly ensure the correct reference is made with your name or Dojo name.



It is our Organisation’s hope that this site becomes a regular place for Budokan people, friends and others with interests  in Japanese Budo, to communicate and interact with each other and so help to build a Japanese Budo Community online.


To provide their own  current news, history and archive material in words, pictures and video for all to see and share.


To recommend those Budo people who deserve to be accredited to the Budokan Black Belt Register and/or  certified for their efforts in the practice, teaching, promotion and dissemination of traditional Japanese Budo during their careers.


To help us in the search for biographical detail of those who have passed away for our Memoriam page.


To become a Associate and to contribute to and access technically excellent Japanese Budo content in words, pictures or video online wherever they may be in the world, in order to create an exclusive learning and teaching platform for the benefit of both teachers and students in our private Members Area.


To operate a policy of inclusivity - we wish for your involvement in what we are doing - and to respect the autonomy of all Budo organisations, dojo, (no matter how small), and their teachers, instructors, dojo leaders and students.