Card Mon

1960 - 2021

Budokan Kanji 3



They were originally known as Onna - meaning Girls - Kata.

Their inspiration came from a range of different sources.

All of them contain one or some of the beautiful hand and arm movements of Tensho.

There are a large variety of kicking techniques found in these kata. culminating in the "Final Attack" of Go Shimpo beginning with Rin Keri, Mawashikeri Chudan, Mawashikeri Jodan and UshiroKeri Jodan followed  by Morote RikenUchi Jodan in JujiDachi.  This was not planned to be unique, but to his knowledge, no sequence like this exists in any other kata he has seen to date,

Another feature is that some of these kata contain throwing techniques that were influenced by Aikido, which Sensei Passmore had begun to learn with Chiba Sensei in London in 1974.


A few years after they were introduced, around 1980, Roy Estabrook - a senior dan grade at the time, gave each kata a distinctive name, for which we are etenally grateful.


They are however, a series of kata and needed to be practiced and taught as such.


In 2000, all of the Kata practised in Budokan, were sorted into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

The Basic Kata held all the Pinans.

And the Intermediate Kata  from which the Shimpo Series took their name.


These Kata are much loved by those that have been taught them since those early days and it is hoped that they will practised and enjoyed long into the future.

Tuyoi Yama - Strong Mountain.

Toyuko Tataku  -  

To Strike First or Take Initiative

Michi Shio  - Incoming Tide

Fuantei  -  Delicate Balance

Seigo no Chusen  

Final Attack