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You've just learned Pinan Shodan for the first time and you can't get back to the Dojo for a week.  

And yoiur Sensei has said "practice at home".

Well - now you can in words, pictures and video with audio.

Plus you can check out the Kata sheet all in Japanese and learn them. Also follow the Kata move by move in pictures.

And the same with the fist form of Seitei Iaido

Its all new and Budo students want the reassurance that they can go home, go online and learn the form again.

Not only that - they can also take a look at how to hold the sword properly  on one page and learn the names of all the parts  of the sword on another.

What about the basics of a Karate punch, with the instructions of how to do it and your Sensei actually showing you on video - which you can access time and time again.


Bringing your dojo into your room whenever you want to.

And when it comes to weapons - the devil lies in the detail - which you don't always  "get" in the Dojo. you can 24/7.

With Training Tips on video to boot.

As you can imagine, a resource like this will prove invaluable to you the Dojo Leader and all your students.


This content will be accessible to dojo leaders and their students day in and day out 24/7, comparing what they are doing with what they are viewing.

As we can then get current teachers and dojo leaders to take video of themselves teaching and or live video of classes taking place somewhere which we can all have access to.


In this way the learning platform for students becomes a teaching platform for teachers, instructors and dojo leaders.


And if you have this type of resource as a tool and back up - it makes teaching to camera really easy and this is where video platforms like SKYPE AND ZOOM come in.

Inevitably, all content providers will be able to teach direct to students based anywhere in the world.

Thsi can be done in groups of course - but is so much more effective on a one to one basis with this type of  library back-up.

As a Dojo Leader you know the entire syllabus of your disciplines.

They could be in paper form, or part of a powerpoint presentation and now you can take your syllabus digital.

Where you used to have books - now you can have images, audio and video of eveerything you teach in one place and available to all your students to access at any time.


In words, pictures video and audio.

The fundamentals, the building blocks and the forms.

Available.  Always.


In words, pictures video and audio.

The basics,  the building blocks and the applications.

Available.  Always.

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Karate Kata Section

Text sheets of every movement,  stance, strike, punch and kick in Japanese in every single Karate Kata  to download to view or print off for further learning whenever it is required.

Videos in Slo Mo with Audio 

of every movement,  stance, strike, punch and kick in Japanese with good pronunciation for all Karate Kata  to view and listen to 24/7 .

A pictorial travelogue of every movement,  stance, strike, punch and kick for all Karate Kata  to view and refer back to anytime of the day or night .

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