About Most violence inflicted on women is by a man they know. It can take place in a public location or at home - or in both. The Budokan Shield is a program designed to place a shield of self protection around an individual and unique woman through observation, intuition and perception training in order to quickly identify possible sources of danger to her and to act decisively, assertively and with confidence to bring about a quick resolution to a safe place. The Classic Fight of Flight and not Freeze syndrome. If it has to be the former then the Budokan Shield program provides for robust physical training to enable each individual woman to preemptively strike first or strike back hard and get to safety. A confident and intentional hard hitting strategy will be enabled from a small number of of strikes and punches taught to each woman and then tailored to their height, strength and reach to be very effective at with a good knowledge of male body types - especially "the man they know" - leading to precision strikes in the vulnerable areas of the males they know.



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