During this time, Chris also trained in other more traditional Karate styles, and was lucky enough to train directly with well-known masters like Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa, Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda and Terry O'neill, as well as others who frequently taught at the Red Triangle Club.


By 1992, Chris had obtained Dan Grades in Judo, several Karate and Ju-Jutsu styles, as well as Chinese arts. He subsequently trained as a bodyguard and, over the next decade, trained and worked with many professional close protection personnel.


In 1996, he met a master of Chinese and internal medicine, Master Chu, who introduced him to Chinese herbs and the healing art of Tu-Na. This led him to study the sister combat art of Chi-Na or Chinese Ju-jutsu. His Ju-jutsu education then led him to the art of Kyusho and the use of acupuncture points in combat, which are part of the Tensin Ryu syllabus along with Koppo Jutsu or bone breaking techniques.


While looking to improve his own fitness, Chris was drawn to investigate sports performance training, which he went on to study under various physical trainers. His Ju-Jutsu instructor at this time was also a world class rower, and Chris has since trained many athletes himself. For the most part, this was done using ground-breaking HIT theories from 30-40 years ago, which are only now being verified/accepted and used by other professional trainers today.


Chris progressed his studying with the addition of the energy arts of authentic Japanese Reiki. Later learning Spiritual Healing under the guidance of John Quigley and John Eddington, who progressed him onto his journey into emotional counselling and psychotherapies.


During all of this, he continued training in the old-style ancient martial arts and these started focusing more on the internal healing arts, such as Qigong and Falun Dafa, as well as Japanese Ki and the micro cosmic orbit.


Shortly after Chris received his 6th Dan in Ju-justu in in 2005 and his instructor fell ill with a terminal condition and preparations were put in place which led to Chris taking over the art in the UK, and being awarded the title of Wakasōshō – Young Master.


He studied with Japanese family masters, Soke Eichoku Takatsuka, Master Eirei Yoshida, Master Ishizuk as well as renowned Chinese masters, such as Yang Jwing-ming and Mantak Chia, specialising in the internal arts. This brought his journey full circle and led him onto furthering his training in traditional Chinese acupuncture and herbs under various teachers and gifted experts, such as: Dr Tan, Professor Nagato, Dr Hojo, Dr Wang Ju-Yi, Susan Johnson, John Howard, Terry Oleson and Maria Mercati.


His 7th Dan was conferred on him several years later and shortly before his instructor died, along with letters of introduction to Japanese instructors who would continue his training. He visited Taiwan and Japan to study healing arts and was invited to continue his study of Kuki Ryu (under head of the art Soke Eichoku Takatsuka and Master Eirei Yoshida), as well as  Tensin Ryu and other Ju-jutsu traditions in Japan.


Chris was approached by the UK branch to join the Kokusai Budoin, which is Japan's oldest martial arts federation, and whose president is the great grandson of the last emperor of Japan. Chris was subsequently invited onto the board of KBUK where he acted as the UK Envoy since 2010.


During this time, he met Mick Gould, an Ex-SAS combat instructor and specialist advisor on many Hollywood blockbusters. Mick, who trained under Kenshiro Abbe sensei, as well as many other master instructors, is a senior Hanshi in Ju-Jutsu and has vast practical combat experience. Many of Mick's lessons have helped Chris to understand the multitude of higher Japanese Ju-Jutsu strategies, many of which have been lost in mainstream teaching today.


In 2012 he was asked by his instructors in Japan to teach the healing arts separately form the martial arts syllabus and Total Therapy Training was formed under license from both Japan and China to pass on the authentic teachings of these healing arts.

Chris also qualified as an NHS certified Phlebotomist allowing him to study hormone imbalances which may be due to diet, nutrition and other external factors.


He was asked to be the CEO of the British Acupuncture Federation in 2016 and also sits on the board of the Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling.  


Over the last ten years he also directly studied under Sensei's Nagato, Noguchi, Someya and Oguri, as well as others and was awarded his 8th dan certification.


Chris was recently appointed the UK president by Sensei Dennis Wilton, who also awarded him with his 8th dan ratification and title of Hanshi from Kokusai Budoin UK and has gone on to teach Ju-jutsu at the Kokusai Budoin's annual training course in Strasbourg in 2016.  


Professional Background

Chris studied and graduated in Information Technology at Liverpool John Moores University and went into programming before moving into IT infrastructure and design.


At the age of 28 he ran a computer design and build department for a multimillion pound I.T. company - Firstec.


At the age of 32 he bought a third of this company and became the technical director of the company which included customer support contracts, design, build, installations and cabling infrastructure.


He was head hunted by Ndeavour a large cabling manufacturer and installation company and ran installations for large cabling infrastructure projects such as hospitals, design centres and local authority builds.  

He designed a new fibre to the desk system which allowed a loop system instead of the standard star topology and so was able to reduce fibre installations to the same price as inferior slower copper solutions.


He expanded the build and support side of the IT company within First Corporate Solutions, a new company of his own and grew this supplying bespoke custom designed IT solutions to large multimillion pound and billion pound turnover companies such as Kingsway Finance, Bluemantle Group, SDLC and Advanced Childcare.


He was also involved in the growth and development of a large web hosting operation which became one of the largest privately owned domain companies in the UK. These were both sold in 2017 although he is still involved in specific IT projects and custom design solutions.

Card Mon

1960 - 2021

Budokan Kanji 3


Chris began his training in Judo, Shukokai Karate and later Shito Ryu in 1982, whilst also learning the older Koryu Ju-jutsu (Battlefield Fghting Arts) under Hanshi Edward Wardle-Davies, who was trained and graded by Japanese instructor Iemoto Matte of Tensin Ryu Ju-jjutsu.


He began teaching in 1986, at the request of his senior instructors and it was at this time he also started Bujinkan Ninjutsu, training with Shidoshi Steven Hayes and Soke Hatsumi. He subsequently engaged in physical training and boxing under the direct tutelage of professional boxer Phil O'Hare, which diversified his knowledge and skill sets.


Chris studied for his degree at Liverpool University and as the city had so many martial arts clubs, it allowed him to train in many styles including Hontai Yoshin Ryu Ju-jutsu, Aiki-Jujutsu and others whilst continuing his academic studies. Concurrently, he continued to study battlefield Ju-jutsu, reaching a deeper level and dealing with the conceptual rules of combat and training of the mind. This training was always carried out with live knives, broken bottles, baseball bats and a set of sutures!