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Budokan Shield is a two part program designed by experienced Budokan Black Belt Teachers and Instructors.
PROTECT teaches how to place a shield of self protection around an individual and unique woman through observation, intuition and perception training in order to quickly identify possible sources of danger to her and to  act decisively, assertively and with confidence within the realms of UK and International Law to bring about a quick resolution to a safer place.

PROTECT is by far the greater part of the Budokan Shield pgoram as it is all about using common sense in all circumstances designed to reduce the need for the second part of the program to be triggered and yet to be able to action it in a heartbeat in any circumstance.

DEFEND is that part of the Budokan Shield program that provides for physical training to enable each individual woman to preemptively strike first or fight back hard and get to safety.
A confident and intentional hard hitting strategy will be enabled from a small number of of strikes taught to each woman tailored to their height, strength and reach to be very effective leading to precision strikes in the vulnerable areas of males.

Budokan is an international Japanese Budo (Martial Arts) Organisation founded 62 years ago.
It teaches Karate, Aikido, Iaido and Zen meaning Meditation and Philosophy.

It manages and operates
It has a Black Belt Register of over 250 members.
This site hosts the Budokan Library  - over 200 pages in text,, audio and video of the entire syllabus required for all its students to get to Black Belt and beyond - available 24/7 to all members.
It has a long record of hosting Events, Seminars and Workshops in the UK.

David Passmore
Peter Bush
Rob Rohrey
Roy Estabrook
Darren Waghorne
Mike Clapham
Keith Molyneux


Toby Mellows

Paul Floyd

Please take 5 minutes to watch this video and get the background to what PROTECT  is all about.

So PROTECT is your 360º sub-conscious instinctive antennae filled radar multiplied by your intuition, rationale and your feelings that sense personal danger to you and prepare you for a fight or to flee and not freeze from fear.
And  you will need to consciously train your aura on a daily basis so that your sense of self protection becomes naturally instinctive and is firmly installed in the hard drive of your sub-conscious mind.


Making common sense the first thing we turn to in both public and private situations to reduce the risk of being harmed and/or assaulted with practical and highly effective self defence being the last resort.

Common Sense for this purpose means raising your social awareness as the environment you are in has a massive impact on the way you are feeling.

A really quick way of doing this is to slow your breathing down.
Try it.
You suddenly become more aware of your surroundings and more conscious of what you are doing.

Here are some practical tips you should be aware of too and should train yourself in every time you go out and about.

1  Know the place you are heading to so if you need to make a quick exit you will know how to do so and quickly.
2  Always know the way home from anywhere you are going to be.
3  Whilst you are there, never leave your drink unattended.
4  Always stay aware of what you are doing and of what is going on around you.
5  Notice changes of behaviour in people - both with you ad around you.
6  If you don’t feel comfortable (take notice) then leave unnoticed and with someone you trust.
7  Never take a cab home from an unknown source.  Always get the club, restaurant or pub to recommend one.
8  After you leave was away quietly and confidently so that you do not display the look of a frightened victims in waiting.
9  Do not walk home in the dark. Never walk home on your won in the dark - always go with someone you know and trust.
10  Always walk in well lit areas and as far away from dark alleys, shops recesses, dark places and bushes.
11  Always have your keys ready when you are approaching your parked car.
12  When shopping or walking around generally do not keep both arms busy and try to keep one hand free.

And DEFEND is your lightening quick premeditated physical response to an attack with one punch or strike at a precise point on a man that will stop him in his tracks, allowing you to get to safety.
And if you don’t train  and practice regularly your physical responses of punches and strikes and fast foot movements on a daily or regular basis  - you will not be able to strike first explosively with clinical intention in the 15 seconds you have to do so after an attack begins.

This is 100% self protection and you will need to learn and retain all of it until it becomes instinctive and does not rely on conscious thought.

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1 out of every 3 Women in the UK now will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.
That’s a staggering 33% of all women.
The Global average is 31% - see chart above.
And in some countries it is nearly 50%!

80,000 women suffer a rape attack every year in the UK.

45% of women have experienced some form of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.
On average 3 women a week in England and Wales are killed by a violent male partner or ex-partner or a male member of her family.

Over 90% of attacks on all women will be by someone they know.

4 our of 5 women who fight back manage to get away safely.

From September 2022 course participants will also have access to:

Budokan Shield Online program where they will review the entire contents of the program whenever they wish to remind themselves of movements and strikes, do some home training and practice their breathing and awareness techniques for improved vigilance.

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