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Zazen means Seated (Za) Meditation (Zen) The regular practice of Zazen has many benefits for the follower and practitioner of Traditional Japanese Budo or Martial Arts but just two arrive pretty quickly and they are improvement in concentration and rising levels of attention. Whilst these are two very good skills to have ad to use in the everyday lives of students of Japanese Budo - a much more useful skill that is acquired through the regular practice of Zazen is the acquisition of SELF DISCIPLINE, without which it is difficult to progress through the training required for There are many different schools and traditions and here at Budokan we have left the scriptures behind and we focus on the practical physical and mental benefits that get taught in the Dojo.and are actually experienced in the private spaces of each student in their homes. Shikantaza (just sitting) is objectless meditation, in which the practitioner does not use any specific object of meditation, but uses the power developed in concentration to remain in a state of conscious awareness, favoured by the Soto School of Zen Buddhism and SELF DISCIPLINE is a feature of its formal practice..

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