Our Executive Team is made up of 4 people with a wealth of Japanese Budo experience in various countries over many, many years.


Derrick Wridgway and David Passmore trained, taught, travelled and competed together all over South Africa in the '60's.

Peter Bush came along in the 70's and distinguished himself in a similar manner.

Chris Davies joined the Executive Team in 2020 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in traditional Japanese Budo along with an impressive record in IT.

The 5th member of our team is our Assistant Publisher, Katy Bell Passmore who is responsible for all the technical aspects of this website.


We all believe that people involved in traditional Japanese Budo deserve to be given the opportunity to have access to some of the best teachers available across all disciplines in the form of Dojo Leaders who have become part of our Dojo Community and other teacheers who have associated themselves with us.


We operate a policy of inclusivity - we wish for your involvement in what we are doing.

We respect the autonomy of all dojo and their teachers, instructors and dojo leaders.

We only serves to associate ourselves and all that we have to offer with those who wish to be associated with us.