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Zen has been described as a 

special teaching without scriptures, 

beyond words and letters, 

pointing to the mind essence of our being, 

seeing directly into one’s nature, 

attaining enlightenment.


Zen is not a sect, but an experience.

It is the practice of self-searching through meditation

to realise one’s true nature, 

with disregard of formalism, 

with insistence on self-discipline 

and simplicity of living.


The Zen spirit has come to mean not only peace and understanding 

but devotion to art and work, 

the rich unfolding of contentment, 

opening the door to insight, 

the expression of innate beauty 

and the intangible charm of incompleteness.


It has been said, 

that if you have Zen in your life, 

you have no fear, no doubt, no unnecessary craving 

and no extreme emotion. 


Neither illiberal attitudes

nor egotistical actions trouble you.

You serve humanity humbly,

fulfilling your presence in this world with loving-kindness

and observing your passing as a petal falling from a flower. 


Serene, you enjoy life in blissful tranquillity.


Such is the spirit of Zen.

To study Zen, 

the flowering of ones nature, 

is no easy task.




Paraphrased from Zen Flesh, Zen Bones by Paul Reps

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