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So very sad to hear of the passing of Ian Card from cancer.

Here is a picture we have of him taking a class at the notorious but much loved High Rocks Dojo near Tunbridge Wells in 1980.

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Hello Sensei

Just a few words I've put together about Ian who would have been celebrating his 70th Birthday today.....27 June 2020.

Hope all is going well with you and the club

Best wishes 



We started training together at the TA hall in St Johns Road Tunbridge Wells 52 years ago

It was hard Karate. Ali was on hand to take the money and to take the splinters out of our feet! 


We went to various locations to train over the years. One time we were training in London where we both got a lift with all the mats in a transit van we had a hard training session with free fighting Ian caught Ken so hard it broke his sternum after training we went to the pub had a few pints of fullers and then home in the van with Ken who kept telling us not to make him laugh as it hurt Ken made a quick recovery and was back training with us.


Ian went to train in other areas enjoying kickboxing, boxing & jujitsu, he was also a bouncer at a night club for a while.


But his heart belonged to Budokan.


I fought him, I fought with him, I had a good drink with him many times he was my best friend. 

Your old mate Smudger....

Ian with his soulmate Frances.

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