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Chief Instructor


1960 - 2022

Trained at the Budokan Honbo dojo in Durban from early 1978 under Shihan Ray Ryan and achieved Shodan in 1979.


Became part of the Budokan teaching team and ran classes at Pietermaritzburg, Montclair and Durban North Dojos for Shihan, before being settled at the Bluff Budokan dojo which he ran with Carol Strodl.


Ray participated in Budokan and all style championships over the years, and was part of the Natal all styles team for 5 years, and became the SA Budo Ryu Grand championship in 1986. After this his focus was teaching, refereeing and administration of Karate as assistant to and then secretary for all-style associations and the Budo Ryu Style.  Ray always tried to participate in all aspects of Karate but his focus and love was for Kata and weapons particularly Sai, Bo and eventually Kenjutsu.


Ray was graded to Sandan at the last Blackbelt grading that Shihan Ray Ryan held in Durban on 11 November 1989. He was very involved with the administration for the Natal all-styles Karate association but after a long period involved in this aspect of sport karate prefers to focus on traditional Budo rather that sport karate, which he believes has ruined many styles as they began to focus on winning competitions rather than effective combat techniques.


Ray has been a practicing Buddhist who studies and writes on philosophy, ethics and providing effective financial advice in a high-tech financial services environment. Ethics is a core area of study, his writing and teaching in the financial services industry.


Ray has lived in Johannesburg since 1998, where he has run an Education and Training company which has focussed on developing financial advisers and planners since 2000. During the last few years he has been focusing on development of online learning and education.


During this time in Gauteng he has trained in Tai Chi, Jeet Kun Do, Kobudo and more recently Kenjustu at the Tombukai BuJutsu dojo in Pretoria where he is focusing on Mugai Ryu. His training was interrupted by a serious illness and he is now focussed regaining strength and suppleness to be able to participate in Karate and Kenjustu for the foreseeable future

Ray Strodl Kenjutsu
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