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Budokan exists as a constituted organisation since 1970 to promote the development of traditional Japanese Budo in the UK and Europe.


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Budokan is responsible for the implementation of a teaching syllabus in the various Dojo or locations, where this syllabus is taught.


Budokan confers the right of recognised and appointed instructors within each of these recognised Dojo to teach this syllabus according to the dictates as set down by David Passmore the Founder of Budokan UK.


The disciplines taught are Aikido, Iaido, Karatedo and Zen - as in meditation.


Prospective students come to us for a variety of reasons, and every one of them is encouraged to come to any of our dojo to meet us and see what we do.  It is here at this exploratory meeting, that a class can be observed and questions can be answered. We can explain how we work, our fee structure, how gradings are conducted and introduce you to some of the students present, so that prospective students can get a “feel” for how things are done.


Budokan reserves the right to reject any membership application made to it and further to reserve the right to discipline any member for unacceptable behaviour, in any way it deems apporpriate.


We have been in existence in the UK for 45 years and have never refused an application and have only once used the discipline clause in our written constitution in all these years.


Anyone interested in joining Budokan is encouraged to come for a month of practice and training, before a decision is made to become a member.


Clothing in the form of a Gi is available for the first month to those who wish to take advantage of this offer, prior to buying their own. 

See Equipment


Classes  Each class is taught in such a way, so as to appeal to both the beginner and advanced student alike.

Duration  Each class lasts around one and a half hours.

Eating   Please ensure that meals are not taken at least 2 hours before undertaking any training.



The full annual membership fee is £50.00 and is payable during the month of January every year.

The annual membership fee or part thereof (if joining later in the year) is payable 1 month after commencing classes.


Membership Entitlements

Classes in Traditional Japanese Budo

Events, Seminars and Workshops take place at various times and locations each year.

Budokan teaching and philosophy

Kyu and Dan Grading Accreditation

Entitles members to be graded according to the training schedule laid down by Budokan and to receive certification accordingly.  

See Certification

Registration and recognition of Dan Grades and Titles by Dai Nippon Butokukai  (DNBK) - in Kyoto, Japan  

(There is a separate charge for this)


Monthly Learning Fees

Training takes place in the Dojo.

Learning takes place at

These fees are not based on attendance at the Dojo only - as just as much learning is taking place online now, which can be accessed at any time and this trend will continue in the future.  

The learning fee is therefore based on content provided for training in the Dojo, complemented by content available online, including text, audio, pictures and video, only to those who pay this fee, who will have automatic access to the Private Members Area, by unique password only.


These fees are due on the first day of each month, and are variable from year to year.


All fees are paid initially by bank transfer and then by Monthly Standing Order or Direct Debit


We pride ourselves in trying to provide the very best tuition for all of our members at all times.