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Seisan koto

Kata Master Arthur Sensei 7th Dan from Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) performing Seisan in the Brazilian Championship in 2016 he sent us recently.


His Kata are excellent and some video are on the way!


Visit his  Dojo Page YMCA Goju-ryu Karate-do

Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Arthur Xavier de Oliveira Filho

(Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state,  Brasil)


Brief Biography

Arthur sensei (shihan 7th dan - Brazilian Karate Confederation / World Karate Federation)

Karate-do Goju-ryu instructor at ACM RS (Young Men Christian Association of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) since October 1976. Today, still the sensei. The first black belt to reach 7th grade by FGK, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Chief Instructor: Karate-do Taniguchi-ha/ Brasil.

Teacher graduated in Letters (Portuguese and Literature)

5th dan diploma from the Mahato Karate Association - Japan; F.A.J.K.O. 3rd dan diploma

Akira Taniguchi student (deceased), 8th dan FAJKO

Start at Karate in 1972 with Luiz Watanabe, World Champion in 72, Shotokan.

Co-Founder of the Gaúcha Karate Federation and Graduate Director FGK

Former kata athlete. Former judo practitioner.

Intern and competing students in Japan (JKF Goju-kai) at 90, 92, 25, 26 and 99.

Student Handel Dias Champion Kumite Open in Sasebo, Japan, in 96; student, and today instructor, Julio Cunha, 3rd. place at kumite Open Japan (JKF Goju-kai)

Diploma Honor to Merit by the Porto Alegre City Council for its contribution to Porto Alegre society, 2012


The exchange took place. 43 years of Karate Goju-ryu at YMCA in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, October 26, under the general coordination of the entity's sensei: Arthur, in two shifts was trained kihon and kata goju, with other instructors. .holding the legacy of Akira Taniguchi Shihan...

Honouring the legacy of Akira Taniguchi Shihan

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