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The Philosophy of Budo

Budo, the martial ways of Japan, have their origins in the traditions of bushido—the way of the warrior.

Budo is a time-honoured form of physical culture comprising of judo, kendo, kyudo, sumo, karatedo, aikido, shorinji kempo, naginata and jukendo.

Practitioners study the skills while striving to unify mind, technique and body; develop his or her character; enhance their sense of morality; and to cultivate a respectful and courteous demeanour.

Practised steadfastly, these admirable traits become intrinsic to the character of the practitioner.

The Budo arts serve as a path to self-perfection.

This elevation of the human spirit will contribute to social prosperity and harmony, and ultimately, benefit the people of the world.

Written on 10 October, 2008 by the Japanese Budo Association (Nippon Budo Kyogikai)
English translation approved on 1 May, 2009

©2009 The Japanese Budo Association

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