Budokan Karate

We missed our workshop in 2019 but at last we were able to host it at the Lymington Dojo on Saturday 4 December.

Thank you to those Budokan stalwarts who made it  from Norwich, Shropshire, Sussex and London to come and join the locals for a workshop that focussed entirely on the fundamentals of our Karate.

Budokan has a proud history, legacy and lineage going back 60 years.

It has an impressive Black Belt Register, of over 200 people of which the majority come from the UK. 

Budokan has spawned over 70 Dojo in various countries and consequently a large number of Sensei too over the years.

There are two additional elements both close to my heart that Budokan is also well known and respected for.

The first is our mantra - “Strong in Had - Kind in Heart” -  “Kokoro ni - Tsuyoi te”.

The Japanese kanji for this will appear on all future Mon.

The other is just as important and that is our reputation for high standards of technical competence.


As the first SHO (as in Shodan or First Dan) or Founding Sensei and Chief Instructor, here in the UK, I take it upon myself to be the Guardian of technical competence at all levels across all Budokan Dojo.

All Budokan Teachers and  Instructors should be teaching the same fundamental and basic techniques in the "Budokan Way'.

And all Budokan Black Belts know this way to be the "rigorous mental and physical training towards self-realisation in the tradition of Zen Buddhism".

Alex&Tony Ananko.JPEG

Alex and Tony working on their Ananko basics.

Will B Ananko.jpeg

Will B doing MaKeri during Ananko



BREATHING    -   Kokyu - The Power of Co-ordinated Breathing 

STANCES   -  DaChi - Right Length  - Right Width  -  Right Angle

POSTURE  -  Shisei   -  Upright  -  Head Balanced -  Eyes and Shoulders level

MOVEMENT -  Balance - Rotation - Stillness

POWER  -  Stopping, Starting and Release

GLIDE WALKING  - TsugiAshi  -  Smoothness from Point to Point